Homemaking Tips by Mrs. Kiwi

Hi! I’m Mrs. Kiwi, and I write about homemaking. On my blog, I share tips on cleaning, cooking, and self-care for homemakers.

If you are new, I recommend starting with How to Be a Successful Homemaker and Cleaning Tips for Beginners.

My Latest Posts

Making Rice Dumplings At Home (Summer Homemaking Diary)

In today’s homemaking diary, I take you along with me as I make rice dumplings at home. It is a wonderful way to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival and the arrival of summer. If you’d like a glimpse into how I prepare this traditional festival food, keep reading…

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My Morning Homemaking Routine (Daily Cleaning Habits)

In this post, I share my morning homemaking routine. These are the six tasks that I do every morning to keep my home clean and to ensure that my day starts smoothly.

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How to Remove Sticky Labels From Glass Jars (Foolproof Method)

Glass jars are a staple in my pantry. I use them to store all sorts of ingredients, from spices to bread crumbs to kombu. Many of the glass jars in my collection are reused jars, so today I’m sharing a foolproof method for removing sticky labels from glass jars.

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