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Hi! I’m Mrs. Kiwi, and I write about homemaking. On my blog, I share tips on cleaning, cooking, and self-care for homemakers.

If you are new, I recommend starting with How to Be a Successful Homemaker and Cleaning Tips for Beginners.

My Latest Post

Hobbies for Homemakers (Interesting Hobbies to Do at Home in 2022)

My hobbies help me to get my housework done on time. Just the thought of rewarding myself with half an hour of painting or sewing or felting is enough to give me the energy to fly through my chores, even on days when I just don’t feel like cleaning and tidying.

That is why this post is all about hobbies for homemakers. In this post, I share seven hobby ideas that are perfect for homemakers. These hobbies enrich my life, and I hope they enrich yours too.

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