Homemaking Tips by Mrs. Kiwi

Hi! I’m Mrs. Kiwi, and I write about homemaking. On my blog, I share tips on cleaning, cooking, and self-care for homemakers.

If you are new, I recommend starting with How to Be a Successful Homemaker and Cleaning Tips for Beginners.

My Latest Posts

How to Air Out Your Home (Daily Homemaking Habit)

In this post, I walk you through a simple method for airing out your home. This daily homemaking habit takes minutes to accomplish, and it can transform your home into a bright, airy, and pleasant place.

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A Meal Prep Day in My Home (Spring Homemaking Diary)

In this post, I bring you along on a day of meal prepping. Join me in the kitchen on a busy spring day filled with lots of cooking as I prepare homemade meals and snacks for the week ahead.

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The Pollyanna Homemaking Technique (How to Stop Hating Housework)

In this post, I share a homemaking technique that can help you enjoy your least favourite homemaking tasks.

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