Homemaking Tips by Mrs. Kiwi

Hi! I’m Mrs. Kiwi, and I write about homemaking. On my blog, I share tips on cleaning, cooking, and self-care for homemakers.

If you are new, I recommend starting with How to Be a Successful Homemaker and Cleaning Tips for Beginners.

My Latest Posts

How to Have an Extra Clean Kitchen (Simple Kitchen Cleaning Routines)

This post is about how to have an extra clean kitchen. You’ll discover kitchen cleaning tips to help you create a space that enables you to cook delicious, nutritious meals for you and your family.

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Preparing for the Mid-Autumn Festival (Autumn Homemaking Traditions)

Summer in Hong Kong is hot, humid, and punctuated by thunderstorms and typhoons. After several months of this erratic, muggy weather, it is always a relief when autumn draws near.

In my home, the first big event of autumn is the Mid-Autumn Festival. In today’s post, I share some of the autumn homemaking traditions that I do to prepare for this traditional festival.

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Summer Homemaking Checklist (Seasonal Homemaking Ideas)

Recently I have been working through my summer homemaking checklist. In this post, I share four seasonal homemaking tasks that I’ve been doing to invite summer into my home.

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