How to Have an Extra Clean Bathroom

This article is about how to have an extra clean bathroom. You’ll discover seven tips to help you clean your bathroom more thoroughly, so that you can transform your bathroom into a sparkling clean haven.

Tip #1: Prioritise the Big Three

There are three areas of my bathroom that I try to keep as clean as possible: the sink, the shower, and the toilet.

I call these areas the Big Three, because when these areas are clean, the entire bathroom looks and feels clean.

If you want to have an extra clean bathroom, try your best to thoroughly clean the Big Three at least once a week.

Cleaning the Big Three

Here is my cleaning checklist for the Big Three:

  1. The sink: Wipe the mirror above the sink, clean the inside and outside of the sink. Clean the tap. Wipe the bathroom counter.
  2. The shower (and/or bathtub): Clean both sides of the shower doors. Clean the shower head. Clean the shower caddy. Scrub the shower walls and shower floor. Scrub the drain protector. If you have a bathtub, include it in this area too.
  3. The toilet: Wipe the exterior of the toilet, the inside of the toilet lid, and the toilet seat. Scrub the toilet bowl. Clean the floor around the toilet.

Tip #2: Maintain Your Bathroom Drains

In my first few years of homemaking, I didn’t do anything to care for the drains in my bathroom. As a result, the drain in my bathroom sink kept getting clogged. This was frustrating, inconvenient, and costly.

This experience made me realise the importance of maintaining the bathroom drains. By making a few simple changes, I have been able to keep my bathroom drains in much better condition.

Here are the bathroom drain maintenance tips that have worked best for me:

  • Keep your hair away from the sink. This is the tip that has been the most useful for helping me maintain my drains. Hair can clog your drains, so if you have medium-length or long hair, avoid brushing or styling it directly over the bathroom sink. And if you notice a strand of hair in your sink, don’t wash it down the sink. Instead, pick it up and throw it away.
  • Use a drain protector in your shower. You can place a hair catcher over your shower drain to prevent hair from getting washed into the drain. The one I use is made from stainless steel, and it has silicone edges which prevent it from slipping. I remove any hair on the drain protector after every shower, and I also wash the drain protector once a week to keep it functioning well.
  • Use a drain cleaner. I also use a store-bought drain cleaner to maintain my bathroom drains. The product that I use comes as a gel, and it does an excellent job of dissolving clogs and deodorising drains. I use it once a week in my shower drain, and once a month in my bathroom sink drain. This preventative approach works well for me.

Tip #3: Clean Your Towels

Fresh, fluffy towels always make your bathroom look clean and inviting, so make sure you wash your towels frequently.

Here’s the towel washing schedule that I follow in my home:

  • Face towels (wash cloths): launder after every use.
  • Hand towels: launder at least once a day.
  • Bath towels: launder at least twice a week.
  • Bath mats: launder at least once a week.

This towel washing schedule ensures that my bathroom towels always feel fresh and enjoyable to use.

Tip #4: Care For Your Oral Hygiene Tools

If you want to have an extra clean bathroom, devote some time to maintaining your oral hygiene tools. When you care for your oral hygiene tools, they can perform their best for you.

Here are some tips for cleaning the oral care tools in your bathroom:

  • Keep your toothbrush clean. I have found that the easiest way to keep my toothbrush clean is to rinse it thoroughly after every use, then store it upright in a toothbrush holder. This helps the toothbrush to stay clean and dry between uses.
  • Clean your toothbrush holder. I like to clean my toothbrush holder once a month. To clean my toothbrush holder, I use a soft sponge, a tiny amount of diluted Castile soap, and warm water. Then I gently dry the toothbrush holder with a paper towel before putting it back into the bathroom cabinet.
  • Replace your toothbrush regularly. The bristles on your toothbrush will wear out with prolonged use, which can cause the toothbrush to become less effective. In my home, I replace everyone’s toothbrushes on the first day of every third month.

Tip #5: Clean Your Bathroom Accessories

The accessories in your bathroom are probably used multiple times a day, so it’s a good idea to keep them clean.

Here are the accessories in my bathroom that need regular cleaning:

  1. Towel rings/hooks
  2. Towel rails/racks
  3. Toilet roll holders

The accessories in my bathroom are made of stainless steel, and I clean them once a week. Most weeks, I simply polish the bathroom accessories with a dry microfibre cloth and a mild cleaner. This removes dust and fingerprints, and it also leaves the accessories looking smooth and shiny. Once a month, after completing the steps above, I also deep clean the bathroom accessories with a disinfecting wipe.

Tip #6: Clean Your Toiletries

You can also make your bathroom feel extra clean by cleaning the packaging of your beauty products. If you regularly clean the toiletries that you keep in your bathroom, they will be more pleasant to use.

Here are three categories of toiletries to keep clean:

  1. Toiletries that live in your shower. Over time, the packaging of the toiletries that you keep in your shower will accumulate dust and grime. In addition, the moist environment of the shower can cause mildew to grow on the packaging of your toiletries. To combat this, once a month I clean all the toiletries that I store in the shower. I use a soft sponge and a mild cleaner to scrub the outside of each bottle. After I have cleaned each item, I dry it thoroughly with a clean cloth.
  2. Toiletries that live in your bathroom cabinet. Even toiletries that are stored in a cabinet can collect dust and fingerprints over time, so it can be helpful to clean them regularly. Once a month, I clean the packaging of each product in my bathroom cabinet with a dry microfibre cloth. It only takes a few moments, and it makes such a lovely difference.
  3. Toiletries that live on your bathroom counter. I have noticed that anything that I store on the bathroom counter tends to get dirty more quickly, so I avoid keeping toiletries here. The only item that I keep on the bathroom counter is my soap dispenser, and I wash this once a week.

Tip #7: Clean All Surfaces

To keep your bathroom extra clean, wipe all the surfaces in your bathroom on a regular basis.

This tip is one of my favourites because it literally makes the bathroom sparkle. It is incredibly enjoyable to use a bathroom that has been meticulously cleaned from top to bottom.

I find it helpful to thoroughly clean the surfaces in my bathroom once a month. To clean the surfaces in my bathroom, I usually use a microfibre cloth and a mild cleaner. Alternatively, sometimes I use disinfecting wipes to get the surfaces extra clean.

Here is my simple process for cleaning the surfaces in the bathroom:

  1. Start by cleaning the bathroom ceiling.
  2. Next, clean the bathroom walls, one at a time.
  3. Now wipe the surfaces of the bathroom cabinets—including the tops, sides, and bottoms.
  4. After that, clean the bathroom door, the handle of the door, and the door frame.
  5. Finally, clean the bathroom floor.

The Joys of an Extra Clean Bathroom

Having an extra clean bathroom can be life-changing. This may sound melodramatic, but in my experience, it is true.

By cleaning your bathroom more thoroughly, you can turn your bathroom into a haven. You can create a soothing, relaxing space that encourages you to take better care of yourself.

And when you take better care of yourself, you become able to take better care of the people you love.