How to Have an Extra Clean Home

This article is about how to have an extra clean home. You’ll discover four tips to help you clean your home more thoroughly—so that you can create a home that looks clean and feels clean.

Tip #1: Clean Hidden Areas of Your Home

When you are cleaning your home, it’s natural to spend most of your time cleaning the surfaces that are in plain sight. But this can cause you to neglect the areas of your home that are less visible. If you want your home to look and feel clean, you need to focus on what is visible as well as what is hidden.

What does it mean to clean what is visible as well as what is hidden? In short, it means to clean thoroughly. For example, when you are cleaning your rubbish bin, don’t just wipe the top and the front of the bin. Instead, take a moment to also wipe down the sides, the back, the bottom, and the inside of the bin.

Likewise, when you are cleaning your washing machine, don’t just clean the surface of the machine. Once in a while, you should also clean the drum of the washing machine, as well as the laundry detergent dispenser.

Cleaning hidden areas of your home requires more work—that is undeniable. And to a casual observer, your home may not even look any different. Nonetheless, it can feel very rewarding to clean the hidden areas of your home. When you start to clean more thoroughly, your home will feel different—and you will feel different too. Your home will feel lighter and brighter—and so will you.

Tip #2: Leave Each Space Better Than When You Found It

When I was a teenager, my parents hosted some friends for a few days. During the visit, the guests lived in the spare bedroom.

I don’t recall much about the visit, but one memory has remained with me over the years. My mother was incredibly impressed by the cleanliness of her guests. During their visit, they kept the guest bathroom in perfect condition, with nary a speck of dust in sight. After the visit, they left behind a pristine bedroom that looked even brighter and fresher than it had been when they arrived.

If you want to have an extra clean home, leave every space better than when you found it. These guests were living embodiments of the magic of this principle. It felt as though wherever they went, they left a trail of fairy dust in their wake.

So how can you adopt the mindset of improving every space that you occupy? Here are two simple strategies to get you started:

  • Clean as you go. As you are going about your day, pay attention to the space that you are in. Whenever you notice something that needs to be cleaned, do it immediately—or as soon as possible. By taking prompt action, you can prevent dirt and mess from accumulating.
  • Clean in between tasks. Whenever you finish a task, clean your space before you move onto the next task. This allows you to minimise mess. It also shows consideration for the next person who uses the space.

Tip #3: Hone Your Powers of Observation

Many years ago, when I was new to homemaking, my friend came to visit. As we were chatting, she saw my microwave and exclaimed, “Your microwave is so dusty!”

I looked at the microwave and saw that she was right. Of course, I was mortified—but I was also surprised that I hadn’t noticed the dust before.

That day, I learnt a lesson that I have never forgotten. Dust accumulates gradually. So gradually, in fact, that it can be easy to overlook.

So what’s the solution? If you want your home to be extra clean, you need to actively look for areas in your home to clean. Develop a habit of observing your home, without criticising yourself. Scrutinise your home, but remain objective.

For example, don’t say: “This rubbish bin is filthy, and I’m an idiot for letting it get this way. I’m hopeless at cleaning. I never do anything right.”

Instead, say something like: “The lid of this rubbish bin is dusty. How funny—I didn’t realise that rubbish bin lids needed to be cleaned. I’ll add that to my list of cleaning tasks.”

Tip #4: Ventilate Your Home

When I first started homemaking, I noticed something strange. Although my home looked clean, it didn’t feel clean. No matter how many hours I spent cleaning and tidying, my home felt stale and stuffy.

It took some time, but one day I finally pinpointed the problem. It was the air! The air in my home was making my home feel stale and stuffy.

I ran around my home and threw open the windows. After a few minutes, I was amazed by how fresh and vibrant my home felt.

If you want to make your home feel extra clean, air out your home regularly. At least once a day, open a window for a short period of time. (I find that 15 minutes works well). This allows stale air to escape and fresh air to come in.

Make Your Home Look Clean and Feel Clean

For many years I thought cleaning was about making a home look good. But now I know that cleaning the surface of a home is not enough.

If you want to have an extra clean home, you need to clean it thoroughly. That is why the tips in this article have focused on encouraging you to clean every part of your home. Once you begin to clean more thoroughly, not only will your home look clean, but it will feel clean as well.