Hobbies for Homemakers

In this article, we’ll take a whirlwind tour of hobby ideas for homemakers. If you are looking for a hobby that complements your homemaking, I hope you will feel inspired by the suggestions in this article.

The hobbies in this article can all be done at home, making them especially suited to homemakers. Cultivating at-home hobbies allows you to intersperse your daily homemaking with pockets of recreation, turning each day into a delightful blend of work and play.

Hobby Idea #1: Amigurumi

Amigurumi is the Japanese craft of crocheting dolls or toys. Amigurumi projects usually have two defining features: they are small and they are adorable.

Due to their small size, amigurumi projects can be completed quickly. Due to their adorable appearance, completed projects make wonderful toys, decor or gifts.

To get started with amigurmi, you’ll need yarn, a crochet hook, and some stuffing. Depending on your project, you might also want some craft eyes and noses.

Is amigurumi for you?

If you like the look of crochet dolls, consider trying amigurumi. It’s a relaxing and satisfying craft, and it’s easy to learn even if you are new to crochet.

Hobby Idea #2: Scrapbooking

As a homemaker, there is a special role that you can take on, and that is the role of the memory keeper of the home.

The job of a memory keeper is to keep a record of the story of your life. One method of preserving memories is to keep a scrapbook. In your scrapbook you can store photos, memorabilia, and notes from the different phases of your life.

Is keeping a scrapbook for you?

If you want to start documenting your memories, scrapbooking is a great place to start. The sooner you begin your scrapbook, the more memories you will be able to capture.

Hobby Idea #3: Needle Felting

Needle felting is the craft of transforming wool into felt. It is easy to learn and requires few materials—to get started, you just need wool, felting needles, and a felting mat.

Once you have learnt the basic techniques of needle felting, you can make all sorts of 2D and 3D felted projects, such as toys, ornaments, and even pictures.

Is needle felting for you?

If you have an interest in making handmade toys or home decor, you might enjoy needle felting. There is something soothing about the sound of the needle as it binds the wool together, and it is immensely satisfying to watch your project slowly take shape.

Hobby Idea #4: Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery involves making decorative stitches with a needle and thread. This craft allows you to add textures and designs to a piece of cloth.

Finished embroidery projects can be framed and used as decor. You can also add hand embroidery to clothing, bibs, handkerchiefs, and tea towels.

To get started with hand embroidery, you’ll need an embroidery needle, embroidery thread and some fabric. You might also want a hoop to hold your work in place.

Is hand embroidery for you?

If you admire the look of embroidery, consider trying hand embroidery. My favourite form of hand embroidery is ribbon embroidery, which uses silk ribbons to create elegant, lifelike floral motifs.

Hobby Idea #5: Playing a Musical Instrument

Playing a musical instrument is an immersive and complex experience, one that feels different to any of the other hobbies listed in this article. Because playing an instrument is so absorbing, it is a restorative activity that gives your mind and body a complete break from homemaking.

Is playing a musical instrument for you?

If you enjoy music, playing a musical instrument could be the perfect hobby for you. To practice without disturbing your household, select an instrument that has a volume control or a headphone port—such as a digital piano.

Hobby Idea #6: Writing Letters

Letter writing is a slow, quaint form of communication. It demands patience; a letter takes time to compose, and the response time is far from instant. But in exchange for our patience, letter writing affords us opportunities for improving our penmanship, honing our writing skills, and deepening our connections with others.

Writing letters also gives us opportunities to send little gifts through the mail. For inspiration, here’s a list of 50 tiny gifts that fit in an envelope.

Is writing letters for you?

If you want to improve your writing skills and you have a willing correspondent, try writing letters. This hobby is worth considering if you have family or friends who live far away, as it gives you another way to stay in touch.

Hobby Idea #7: Making Cards

If you don’t want to write lengthy letters, try making handmade cards instead. On a card, space is limited, so you don’t need to write much.

Handmade cards can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. You can draw or paint a picture, add origami, ribbon, or stickers, or even try paper embroidery. Keep experimenting until you discover a medium that you enjoy.

Is card making for you?

If you enjoy quick crafty projects, you’ll probably enjoy card making. Whenever you have 20 minutes to spare, make a card. Over time, you will build up a collection of beautiful handmade cards that you can send out at a moment’s notice.

Hobby Idea #8: Practising Your Penmanship

For most of my life, I wrote in print lettering because that was what I learnt as a child. But I always admired the beauty of cursive script, and a few years ago I finally learnt how to write cursive letters. This experience convinced me that it is possible to remould your handwriting, even as an adult.

Practising your penmanship is a hobby that is doable for even the busiest homemaker. Once you have learnt the shapes of the letters, you can practise them every time you write something with pen and paper. In this way, each commonplace act of writing becomes an exercise in elegant writing.

Is practising penmanship for you?

If, like me, you admire pretty handwriting, practising your penmanship might be the perfect hobby for you.

Hobby Idea #9: Reading

Reading exposes us to new ideas, intriguing words, and good sentences. It is an especially useful hobby for homemakers because it furnishes us with interesting ideas to ponder as we do our housework.

If you find it hard to find time for reading, try the bookend method: start and end your day with reading. The amount of time doesn’t matter—even one minute twice a day will eventually add up. This simple reading schedule, which I have maintained for many years, makes it easy to fit reading into your life—no matter how busy you are.

Is reading for you?

It is never too late to dive into the magical world of reading. If you have been meaning to read more, or if there is a book that you have always wanted to read but have never gotten around to, I encourage you to commit to reading more this year.

Hobby Idea #10: Making Celebration Cakes

When I was a child, we had a family friend who made amazing celebration cakes. Whenever there was a special event, she would bring her signature sponge cake, covered with whipped cream and decorated with fruit.

In my memory, those homemade cakes stand out more than any shop-bought cake. In hindsight, part of the magic lay in the regularity of those cakes. Like clockwork, they made an appearance at every celebration.

Is making celebration cakes for you?

If you enjoy building family traditions, consider learning how to make celebration cakes. Use each family celebration as a chance to put your skills into practice. You’ll be surprised at how quickly this tradition takes hold.

Hobby Idea #11: Making Homemade Spreads

If you want to elevate a simple meal, spreads are your best friend. A small dab of a complimentary spread can turn a commonplace meal into an elegant one. Spreads can be sweet or savoury, and they can be used in dozens of ways.

I like to make my spreads in small batches—one or two jars each time. This works well for my small household and allows me to keep experimenting with new recipes.

Is making jams and spreads for you?

If you often have toast for breakfast or sandwiches for lunch, consider learning how to make your own spreads. Try making chutney to serve with quiche, lemon curd to serve with scones, or kaya to serve with toast.

Hobby Idea #12: Playing Board Games

There is a timeless appeal about spending an evening playing board games with your family. This shared activity has the potential to knit families together and create lifelong memories.

The key to a successful game night is, of course, choosing the right game. To create an evening that everyone enjoys, choose a game that complements the number, ages and interests of the participants.

Is playing board games for you?

If you are looking for a hobby that includes your family, consider playing board games. You can make this into a routine by adding a weekly game night to your family’s calendar.

Hobby Idea #13: Cultivating a Miniature Zen Garden

A zen garden is a dry garden composed of sand or gravel raked in decorative patterns and sparsely adorned with rocks. The beauty of zen gardens lies in their austere simplicity. Each pattern is carefully raked and each rock thoughtfully placed to create a tranquil, soothing atmosphere.

Zen gardens are commonly found in Japanese temples, but you can also cultivate a zen garden in your own home. The easiest way to start a zen garden is to buy a miniature set for your desk. Many zen garden sets come with tiny rakes that you can use to create your own zen garden designs.

Is zen gardening for you?

If you want to introduce more mindfulness into your homemaking, consider cultivating a miniature zen garden. Raking a zen garden can be a creative and meditative experience.

Hobbies Enrich a Homemaker’s Life

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, and as homemakers, we are no different from the proverbial Jack. When we overextend ourselves with homemaking, our lives feel flat and dull, but when we take breaks and engage in our hobbies, our lives become colourful and vibrant.

When faced with our homemaking duties, it may seem selfish to spend time on play. But as homemakers, our moods affect our entire households. When we are happy, we lift the spirits of everyone around us. That is why it is crucial that we seek out ways to make ourselves feel uplifted.

Hobbies are not just enjoyable; they are also instructive. When you drill a sonata on the piano, you forge the habit of discipline. When you post a handmade birthday card, you deepen your connection with others. When you read a crochet chart, you hone your mental faculties. Hobbies offer us a pleasant route towards becoming better homemakers; therefore, schedule time for your hobbies, and do so without compunction.