How to Be a Successful Homemaker

In this article, you’ll learn what it means to be a successful homemaker. You’ll discover the three levels of successful homemaking, and you’ll also get lots of practical tips to help you achieve homemaking success.

What Is a Successful Homemaker?

Success is a concept that is nebulous at best. Perhaps that is because the definition of success is different for different people.

Here’s my definition of success in the realm of homemaking. A successful homemaker is someone who works joyfully in her home with the aim of creating a home that is clean, tidy, functional, and pleasant.

How to Be a Successful Homemaker

Anyone can be a successful homemaker, and there are many routes that you can take to achieve homemaking success. But in general, it is a lot easier to achieve success if you have a clear roadmap to follow.

One way to become a successful homemaker is to approach it in levels. At each level, you focus on mastering a few more pieces of the homemaking puzzle. This is a gentle yet effective process for growing into a successful homemaker.

Let’s look at the three levels of homemaking.

Level 1: Treat Homemaking as Your Job

The first level of successful homemaking involves seeing homemaking as your job. This is a natural lens through which to view homemaking; being a homemaker requires you to work, just like any job outside the home.

Take Responsibility for Homemaking

People who work outside the home are expected to complete the tasks that are assigned to them. They are held responsible for these tasks. As a homemaker, you can adopt this concept. You can take responsibility for creating a clean and tidy home.

Here’s how you can take responsibility for homemaking:

  • Figure out what needs to be done. Unlike jobs outside the home, homemaking doesn’t come with a formal job description. Fortunately, you can easily create one for yourself by making a checklist of all your homemaking tasks. You will find it easier to create a clean and tidy home once you have a personalised homemaking checklist.
  • Make sure that the homemaking actually gets done. As the homemaker, you are in charge of the homemaking. This doesn’t mean that you have to do everything yourself. If you want to, you can (and should) ask for help and delegate tasks. However, you should always be aware of the status of each task, and you should be prepared to take responsibility for the end results of your homemaking strategy.
  • Be punctual with your homemaking. Create a homemaking schedule, and honour it. Being punctual shows that you treat homemaking with at least the same level of respect that you would give to a job outside the home.
  • Take time off homemaking. Employees are not expected to work around the clock, and neither are you. Aim to finish your homemaking by a certain time each day. For best results, spend your downtime doing activities that help you to recharge for the next day.

Level 2: Treat Homemaking as Your Career

The second level of successful homemaking involves seeing homemaking as your career. This is a natural progression from the first level.

At the second level of homemaking, you shift from a short-term focus to a long-term focus. You learn to create a homemaking system that is sustainable over a long period of time.

Homemaking With a Long-Term Focus

Here are some changes you can make to develop a long-term focus for homemaking:

  • Choose consistency over quantity. When you have a short-term view of homemaking, it can be tempting to cram as much homemaking as possible into a single day. This intense style of homemaking, however, can be difficult to maintain. That’s why it’s important to shift to a long-term view of homemaking. With a long-term mindset, you avoid overfilling any single day, and you strive for consistency instead. With this long-term mindset, homemaking becomes more manageable and more sustainable.
  • Learn how to attend to your own well-being. If you want your homemaking career to have longevity, you must attend to your own health. Develop healthy sleep habits and provide yourself with a healthy diet. Incorporate exercise as well as rest into your schedule. Make time for activities that fill you with joy, and actively seek out ways to reduce stress. When you make an effort to look after yourself, you will find it easier to manage your homemaking responsibilities.
  • Keep upgrading your homemaking skills. Homemaking will feel more rewarding if you are good at it, so keep looking for ways to expand your skill set. If you are not sure where to begin, look to your natural interests. For example, if you love being outdoors, you could learn how to grow a herb garden. Alternatively, identify a goal that you want to achieve. For example, if you want to start eating more meals at home, you could work on expanding your cooking repertoire.

Level 3: Treat Homemaking as Your Life’s Work

The third level of successful homemaking involves seeing homemaking as your life’s work. This level honours the idea that homemaking is a lifelong journey of personal growth.

At the third level of homemaking, you learn how to find contentment in homemaking.

Finding Contentment in Homemaking

Here are some methods that can help you find contentment in homemaking:

  • Find ways to enjoy homemaking. If you encounter a homemaking task that you dislike, try changing your approach. Use a different cleaning technique, find a different tool to use, or change the time of day at which you do that task. Alternatively, consider delegating that task to another member of your household, or drop the task altogether. You will produce better results if you wholeheartedly enjoy every part of your homemaking.
  • Take pride in your homemaking. When it comes to homemaking, you receive what you put out. If you choose to, you can trudge through your day begrudgingly, giving the bare minimum to each task. The catch is that when you treat a task as a burden, doing that task will leave you feeling drained and irritable. That’s why it’s so important to commit to doing your best for each task, no matter how small the task may be. When you devote yourself to doing a task well, it will replenish you with energy and vibrancy.
  • Let your homemaking reflect the person you want to be. A homemaker’s day is full of decision-making. Some decisions are easy to make, but others can be overwhelming. If you need help making a decision, ask yourself: “At the end of my life, will I be glad that I made this decision?” This simple question can bring immediate clarity to all kinds of everyday issues. When you measure your decisions against a future version of yourself, you will find it easier to make choices that leave you feeling uplifted and peaceful.

Bonus Tip: Make Homemaking a Celebration of Life

There is one quality that is common to all three levels of successful homemaking. All three levels of homemaking emphasise action.

No matter where you are on your homemaking journey, you can make immediate progress simply by taking action. Choose a task, and do it. Each task that you complete will propel you forward on your homemaking journey.

If you want to be a successful homemaker, take intentional action today, tomorrow, and every day for the rest of your life. When you allow your homemaking to be characterised by movement and progress, homemaking becomes a celebration of life.