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Making Rice Dumplings At Home (Summer Homemaking Diary)

In today’s homemaking diary, I take you along with me as I make rice dumplings at home. It is a wonderful way to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival and the arrival of summer. If you’d like a glimpse into how I prepare this traditional festival food, keep reading…

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My Morning Homemaking Routine (Daily Cleaning Habits)

In this post, I share my morning homemaking routine. These are the six tasks that I do every morning to keep my home clean and to ensure that my day starts smoothly.

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How to Remove Sticky Labels From Glass Jars (Foolproof Method)

Glass jars are a staple in my pantry. I use them to store all sorts of ingredients, from spices to bread crumbs to kombu. Many of the glass jars in my collection are reused jars, so today I’m sharing a foolproof method for removing sticky labels from glass jars.

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How to Air Out Your Home (Daily Homemaking Habit)

In this post, I walk you through a simple method for airing out your home. This daily homemaking habit takes minutes to accomplish, and it can transform your home into a bright, airy, and pleasant place.

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A Meal Prep Day in My Home (Spring Homemaking Diary)

In this post, I bring you along on a day of meal prepping. Join me in the kitchen on a busy spring day filled with lots of cooking as I prepare homemade meals and snacks for the week ahead.

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The Pollyanna Homemaking Technique (How to Stop Hating Housework)

In this post, I share a homemaking technique that can help you enjoy your least favourite homemaking tasks.

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Myths About Cooking (What I Wish I Had Known as a New Cook)

In this post, I debunk seven myths about cooking. These are the things I wish I had known when I first started cooking for myself and for my family.

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How to Have an Extra Clean Bathroom (Tips for Cleaning Everything in Your Bathroom)

This post is about how to have an extra clean bathroom. You’ll discover seven tips to help you clean your bathroom more thoroughly, so that you can transform your bathroom into a sparkling clean haven.

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Hobbies for Homemakers (Interesting Hobbies to Do at Home in 2022)

My hobbies help me to get my housework done on time. Just the thought of rewarding myself with half an hour of painting or sewing or felting is enough to give me the energy to fly through my chores, even on days when I just don’t feel like cleaning and tidying.

That is why this post is all about hobbies for homemakers. In this post, I share seven hobby ideas that are perfect for homemakers. These hobbies enrich my life, and I hope they enrich yours too.

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Three New Homemaking Skills I Learnt in 2021 (End of Year Reflection)

The year is drawing to a close, and in this post I reflect on three new homemaking skills that I learnt in 2021.

The end of the year is my favourite time to look back on lessons learnt, and I hope this post inspires you to reflect on and celebrate the progress that you have made in your homemaking journey this year.

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