How to Air Out Your Home

16 May 2022

In this post, I walk you through a simple method for airing out your home. This daily homemaking habit takes minutes to accomplish, and it can transform your home into a bright, airy, and pleasant place.

What Does Airing Out Your Home Mean?

Airing out the home is the process of letting indoor air out of your home and letting outdoor air into your home. This process of air exchange improves the air quality in your home, making your home a safer and more pleasant place to live in.

Why Do You Need to Air Out Your Home?

The activities that we perform in our homes can affect the air quality in our homes. Everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and showering can release moisture and other particles into the air, causing our homes to feel damp and stuffy. If you want to improve the air quality in your home, it can be helpful to build a habit of airing out your home.

How to Air Out Your Home

One of the easiest ways to air out your home is to open the windows at least once a day. This allows large quantities of air to rapidly enter your home.

Here’s how you can apply this method to your home:

  1. Open the curtains. This allows sunlight to enter your home.
  2. Open the windows. This allows fresh air to flow into your home.
  3. Open the doors. This allows the fresh air to circulate around your home.
  4. Keep everything open for at least 15 minutes. This allows air exchange to take place.

When you have finished airing out your home, you can close the windows.

When Should You Air Out Your Home?

You can air out your home at any time of day, but I like to do it in the morning. There is just something pleasant about beginning the day with a big dose of fresh air. Also, it tends to be cooler and quieter in the morning.

How Long Should You Air Out Your Home?

I find that 15 minutes is usually enough time to freshen the air in my home. However, I often keep the windows open for longer to enjoy the fresh air.

How Often Should You Air Out Your Home?

I usually air out my entire home at least once a day. However, if I notice that the air in my home feels stale, I air out my home again in the evening.

Should You Air Out Your Home During Rain?

Use your common sense to adjust your approach to match the weather. When there is light rain, I usually proceed with my normal airing out routine. When there is very heavy rain or intense wind (such as during a typhoon), I usually reschedule my airing out routine to later in the day.

Are There Other Ways to Air Out Your Home?

In addition to opening your windows, you can use ventilating fans to air out your home. I have ventilating fans in my kitchen and bathroom, and I use them every time I use these rooms. The ventilating fans really help to make these rooms feel and smell clean and fresh.

Does Airing Out Your Home Really Make a Difference?

If you have never tried it before, you might wonder whether it is necessary to air out your home.

Airing out your home can seem pointless because the results aren’t visually obvious. But visual cues aren’t the only way to measure results. Airing out your home does make a discernable difference to your home. You just need to know what to look for.

The air in our home isn’t something that we can see. But it is something that we can feel and smell. If you want to judge the results of airing out your home, you need to stop looking for results and start experiencing them instead.

When you are airing out your home, tune into your sense of touch and smell. If you do this, you’ll easily notice the changes that take place in your home and in your body. You’ll feel the first wisp of cool air that wafts in through the window. You’ll notice the gentle draught flowing through your rooms. You’ll take a deep breath and luxuriate in the sweet scent of the clean, fresh air pouring into your home. You’ll realise that your brain feels less foggy and more alert. And you will feel less sluggish and more alive.

Make Your Home a Better Place to Live

As homemakers, we spend so much time in our homes. Airing out our homes daily helps us to create a safe and comfortable environment for us to live and do our work in.

If you aren’t in the habit of airing out your home daily, I encourage you to try it once and then decide for yourself. All it takes is one experiment. Once you have experienced the life-giving joy of having clean, fresh air in your home, you will need little persuasion to keep airing out your home every day.