Seasonal Homemaking

This series of blog posts focuses on seasonal homemaking. Get tips on how to vary your homemaking with the seasons. Working with the seasons makes homemaking more memorable, meaningful, and enjoyable.

Summer in My Kitchen (Summer Dinner Ideas)

In this post, I share four summer dinner ideas, meals that help me to soak up the beauty of the warmer months. Here’s a snapshot of what summer looks like in my kitchen…

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Making Rice Dumplings At Home (Summer Homemaking Diary)

In today’s homemaking diary, I take you along with me as I make rice dumplings at home. It is a wonderful way to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival and the arrival of summer. If you’d like a glimpse into how I prepare this traditional festival food, keep reading…

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An Autumn Day in My Home (Autumn Homemaking Diary)

In this post, I walk you through a day of autumn homemaking. If you’ve ever wondered what a homemaker does all day, come on in, and let’s get started.

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Autumn Homemaking Checklist (Autumn Cleaning and Cooking Ideas)

Autumn is here, which means that it is time to begin working through my autumn homemaking checklist. In this post, I share six seasonal homemaking tasks that I like to do each year to coax my home into the autumn spirit.

If it’s autumn where you live, I invite you to join the fun and complete some (or all) of these tasks in your home as well. Happy autumn!

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