Summer Homemaking Checklist

15 August 2022

Recently I have been working through my summer homemaking checklist. In this post, I share four seasonal homemaking tasks that I’ve been doing to invite summer into my home.

Summer Homemaking Task #1: Reorganise the Kitchen

When did you last reorganise your kitchen? If it has been been a while, I encourage you to tackle it this summer.

If you serve homemade meals every day, it’s likely that you spend a large proportion of your time in the kitchen. If that’s the case, it worth taking the time to arrange your kitchen in a way that facilitates your work.

I like to treat organisation, in the kitchen and elsewhere in the home, as an ongoing project. I don’t expect myself to organise my home once and get it perfect the first time. I prefer the gentler approach of organising in sessions. To adopt this approach, treat each organising session as an experiment and make adjustments until you find a configuration that feels right.

My most recent kitchen organisation project was my kitchen drawer. I recently bought some new utensils, and the drawer was looking messy. To fix the problem, I used bamboo drawer dividers to organise the utensils. It took two minutes to transform my messy drawer into an organised one. I like the bamboo dividers because they are adjustable, durable and sturdy.


Walk around your kitchen with a notepad and make a note of all the areas that need to be organised. Then commit to doing as many of them as you can this summer. A small tweak here and there can lead to a tremendous improvement in the functionality of your kitchen.

Summer Homemaking Task #2: Create a Summer Menu

At the beginning of each season, I like to create a list of seasonal meals to cook. This helps me to plan ahead so that I can fully enjoy each fleeting season before it passes.

Eating seasonally adds variety to our diets. Through eating seasonally, our meal plan changes from season to season, a practice that gives us something to look forward to when the seasons change. With a seasonal menu that rotates every few months, mealtimes are never boring.

If you’d like to know what I’ve been cooking recently, you can read my post on summer in my kitchen. In that post, I share some of the meals that I like to serve every summer.


Create a summer menu that helps you soak up the essence of summer. Keep your summer menu in a safe place so that you can reuse it next year.

Summer Homemaking Task #3: Wash Mugs and Teapots

In my home, the cold seasons are punctuated by hot drinks. When I think back to last winter, cups of hot chocolate and chrysanthemum tea rise to the forefront of my memory.

My fondness for cosy drinks means that the mugs and teapots in my home get a lot of use. By the end of winter, several pieces of chinaware will have collected stains. At the turning of the seasons, I like to give my mugs and teapots some extra care.

It’s easy to remove stains from mugs and teapots. I use a cleaning paste made from basic pantry items. The process takes less than a minute per item, and everything comes out looking new. If you’d like to try it yourself, you can read my article on how to remove tea and coffee stains from mugs.


Open your cupboards and inspect your mugs and teapots. If any of them are looking worse for wear, spend a few minutes this week giving them a deep clean. Your hot drinks will be more enjoyable when you start with sparkling clean mugs and teapots.

Summer Homemaking Task #4: Take a Summer Homemaking Holiday

I have previously written about the importance of taking regular breaks from your normal homemaking routine. When it comes to keeping house, structure and routine are helpful, but they should be doled out in moderation. An overly strict adherence to a homemaking schedule saps the joy and spontaneity out of keeping house.

In keeping with this philosophy, I recently took a five-day summer homemaking holiday. During this time, I let go of my normal homemaking routine and filled my days with reading and board games and crafts. My break felt restful and spontaneous and good for the soul.

For a step-by-step guide on taking a summer homemaking holiday, you can read my article on how to have a holiday at home.


If you can, schedule a homemaking holiday for yourself this summer. Even a short break can be helpful. This is especially important if you have been feeling drained from homemaking. A homemaking holiday can help to restore your enthusiasm for homemaking.