Homemaking Fundamentals

Essential Skills That Every Homemaker Should Learn

by Mrs. Kiwi

The key to homemaking success is to focus on the fundamentals. This book covers essential homemaking skills for creating a clean and functional home that allows its inhabitants to thrive.

Homemaking Fundamentals will always be free to read online. It is a work in progress, and new chapters are released as soon as I finish them.



What is Homemaking?

  • 1. The Purpose of Homemaking
  • 2. How to Be a Successful Homemaker

Essential Homemaking Skills

  • 3. Prepare the Canvas
  • 4. Operate the Restaurant
  • 5. Build the Stockpile
  • 6. Manage the Calendar

Homemaking Modalities

  • 7. Slow Homemaking
  • 8. Seasonal Homemaking
  • 9. Functional Homemaking
  • 10. Heirloom Homemaking